Why Document Wizard Helps Lawyers Make Money

Drafting effective legal documents is an important role of every lawyer. A key part of this is ensuring that the documents they prepare are tailored to their clients’ requirements. In order to do this, lawyers need to spend time asking their clients a lot of questions and then spend further time drafting documents that reflect the answers that clients provide. This process can be very time consuming and therefore expensive. For example, a Shareholders Agreement has a lot of variables and depending on the circumstances, it can take many hours to obtain instructions from the client and draft an appropriate document while also ensuring that details like getting page numbering, cross referencing and formatting are correct.

Clients often object to paying the high cost of engaging a lawyer to draft an effective legal document and as a result will use online services to obtain documents where a lawyer is not involved in the process. This means the client not only runs the risk of not having a lawyer do the important review process and big picture check to determine if the document is appropriate for the situation but also a legal review of the document to ensure it appropriately addresses important legal and commercial issues.

Document Wizard allows a lawyer’s client to quickly and easily answer the necessary questions that a lawyer needs to produce a document. The platform creates the document with all of the client's instructions correctly reflected in the document and takes care of page numbers, cross referencing and formatting. This is all done for $29.95, which is less than the equivalent of one 6 minute unit for many lawyers. It saves many hours for the lawyer. This more efficient way of generating legal documents can vastly reduce costs for the client.

Smart instructions forms

The lawyer decides which document is appropriate for the client’s situation and the client then answers the relevant questions. The lawyer reviews the document and can make changes prior to sending it out to the client. The client can also leave questions they may find difficult unanswered so that the lawyer can help the client with those questions.

“Document Wizard makes drafting legal documents simple. Document automation has revolutionised my legal practice...”
Alan Arnott - Lawyer, Sydney

How it Works

The instructions forms are smart. They only ask the relevant questions and will adjust the questions in real time depending on answers to previous questions. The contracts produced are of high quality and are always up to date.

Using Document Wizard is very simple; below are the steps.

  • The lawyer talks to the client to determine the big picture issue.
  • The lawyer then chooses which contract is appropriate from Document Wizard’s list of contracts.
  • Document Wizard generates a link to the instructions form and the lawyer copies and pastes the link into an email to the client.
  • The client accesses the instructions form and answers the questions or as many of them as they can.
  • The lawyer gets notified when the questions are answered or partially answered. The lawyer then pays $29.95 to Document Wizard; this means the lawyer only pays if the instructions form is completed.
  • The lawyer can complete the instructions form if the client didn’t complete it or if the lawyer would prefer to.
  • The lawyer immediately receives the document in Microsoft Word format customised using the responses to the instructions form and can check it and make changes to it before sending it to the client.